Witness Prep

FWitness Prep

Jury research studies have consistently shown that jurors’ evaluation of witness testimony is the single biggest factor affecting their decision-making. No matter how strong your case may be on its merits, a poor case outcome is almost guaranteed if your key witnesses are not viewed as credible in the eyes of jurors. Empirical Creative’s employs empirically-validated techniques, ranging from clinical interventions to communication-skills building, to enhance a witness’ credibility.

Our Witness Preparation interventions are customized depending on the needs of the particular witness. Typically, we identify and work-through the psychological barriers, most often anxiety, that are impeding performance as well as engage the witness in behavioral rehearsal with feedback (i.e., videotaping a mock direct and cross-examination with a jury consultant present). Behavioral rehearsal provides a forum to help witnesses identify and eliminate verbal and non-verbal mannerisms that are reducing their credibility while practicing alternative approaches to handle the examinations more effectively.

When possible, witness preparation culminates in a Witness Evaluation session in front of mock jurors to habituate them to the anxiety of testifying in front of a group of people. The end result is a witness who can clearly and credibly communicate testimony that advances the story of your case, while withstanding the rigors of cross-examination.